Monday, October 17, 2011

This Learning Thing

With this post, I thought I'd try using Firefox as my browser to see if there's much difference. When I use IE, Blogger tells me some things may not be supported because I don't have the latest version of IE. I researched the latest version, and found that since my OS is XP that the latest IE version would be more problematic in other areas than leaving it as it is. So-o-o, until Marty decides to upgrade all the computers to Windows 7 (or whatever is next before you know it), which is more compatible with the latest IE upgrade, I'll stick with the status quo.

In other learning, I'm learning (should I NOT have know?) that something happens when a child becomes a teenager. Is there some switch unbeknownst to parents that just flips on when the 13 is reached? Don't get me wrong, Nick's a great kid, but there's something about that independent spirit that doesn't want anyone to tell him what to do and having a conversation! Oy! Let's pull teeth. And giving instruction on our newly adjusted (re-created?) chore sheet.....because chores weren't getting done and Marty doesn't encourage until I encourage Marty...yes, there are times it's like having two children in the house...oh wait, make that three, I can be just as irresponsible.

It's design wall Monday at Judy's. I haven't taken part in this yet and there's nothing actual ON my design wall except a scissor-holder lanyard. I may take a photo of it and post it anyway :) It'll be a good, and humorous beginning.

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