Thursday, October 20, 2011

Health, Doctors and today

This has been a medically rough year for me. And I'm sure so many others have it worse, so I don't like to belly-ache too much about my health, but the last few days have just been more than I've been able to cope well with. The wrist I injured August 9th, while improving is still painful frequently and with certain motions and I had a follow-up visit with the doctor today. My appointment was for 10:20 and the doctor finally gets to me at 11:05. The next step is 3 or 4 weeks of physical therapy twice a week and if that doesn't help, the next step is a cortisone shot, and if that doesn't help, maybe surgery. This original injury occurred exactly one week after an emergency appendectomy.

For the last four days I've been having some really bad lower back pain with additional pain at about the bra level. Bending over is painful. Squatting is better but not by much. I'm so tired of doctors that I don't know if I want to go to a chiropractor, back doctor or neither and just pray that this flare up will subside.

In February I had a foot surgery for the removal of a Morton's neuroma which didn't give me the hoped for result - more of a 'trading one pain for a different pain/sensation' which includes two permanently numb toes. It's become a great excuse for not exercising, but I will have to get started on that!

There have been ongoing dental issues as well. Because of one dentist breaking the tip of a tool off in the root canal which couldn't be removed even by a specialist, I have a tooth that will more than likely require removal at some point. Have you ever had a burr in your sock? That's what it often feels like. I now have a new dentist whom I love but his work hasn't been trouble free either though I still have confidence in him and hope it improves.

Days like today though make me long so intensely for the Lord's return and my future glorified body. I left the doctor's office in tears; it's as though I've reached the medical breaking point, so if you pray, pray for my ability to cope with these ongoing medical issues, and that they'll be resolved. I would so appreciate your prayers.

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  1. I so understand what you're feeling, especially the longing for the Lord's return. I've prayed for you this morning -- for your comfort and strength in the Lord and that He would fill you with His peace and assure you of His love and care. Hugs! :)


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