Friday, October 14, 2011

Quilt #009

I made this quilts for our Missionary Quilts group. It measures 70" x 82". I believe I did all the work on this from start to finish, but others may have helped with tying and hemming the binding. The pattern was published in the 1999 Better Homes & Garden Sampler under the title "English Trellis". I never think to take photos of the back of my quilts. I chose a sage toile for the backing. I started on 4/3/2003 and finished on 4/19/2003! Are you amazed at that with just 16 days considering all my other projects were years? I think I was trying to prove my skills to the lady (and now friend) who headed up the Missionary Quilts program. Of course, tying is much quicker than machine quilting and all the MQ quilts are tied. My tying preference is to use Perle Cotton when I do so. I do not like using knitting/crocheting yarn, just too bulky and fuzzy. On Sept. 17th of that year, this quilt was gifted to some of our missionaries in India...a nice fit.

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