Friday, October 7, 2011

Quilt #005 Christmas Wallhanging

This one with blue, was begun in Nov. 2000, and is complete except for the decorative aspects, so I haven't given it an exact finish date yet. It is machine-quilted and binding is complete. The previous two were both tied using the 1/8" red ribbons that hold the decorations on. This quilt, however, I wanted to do a little differently in order to be able to remove the red ribbons & decorations, so I was adding tiny snaps, or hooks & eyes, or whatever I could come up with that would allow the decs to hang correctly yet be removed. For now, most of the decs are held on with quilting safety pins until I can get each one's attachment mechanism sewn on. This wallhanging is for our home, and we seem to have an incredible amount of dust, so I wanted to be able to launder it on occasion, even though it would only be displayed for a month or so each year.

The first of these three wallhangings, was taught to me by a lady friend at my church. She's a dear quilting friend and mentor as well as a sweet woman of God.

Editing note: I originally had these three on one post, but every time I looked at the blog, it seemed the written content had shifted and my attempts to fix it only made it worse, so I separated them and adjusted the post date and time to keep them at least in the same area with each other. Please tell me I will learn how this Blogger site works!

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