Saturday, October 1, 2011

End of Summer...Catching up

Oh my! It has been quite some time since I posted, hasn't it? I realized I had prepared a post welcoming in 2011 but hadn't posted it; it is now posted.
On to some updates from 2011:

  • Our son, nearly 13....and several inches taller than I! He's grown a lot this past year.

  • My daughter gave birth to an utterly handsome baby boy the first week of September 2010. We traveled to visit them during Thanksgiving week and met the little bundle of joy. (It's over 1100 miles away.) He's now over a year and walking.

  • In the spring, a whole lot of quilt fabrics and books were passed my way, along with a project that had been started & abandoned...I now know why! I spent many hours sewing, then unsewing, then resewing and now have a beautiful Storm at Sea quilt top ready for the backing to be assembled. Project is currently on hold due to a couple of the following reasons.

  • My 40th high school reunion was this summer so our son and I traveled to my hometown. Where did 40 years go?

  • While attending the activities of my class reunion, a pain developed in my lower right abdomen, yep, appendicitis. I put off going to the ER for several days so am praising God it didn't rupture during that time.

  • One week after the appendectomy, I took a fall and injured my wrist. Another trip to the ER. Not broken, but badly sprained. Upon returning home at the end of vacation had an MRI: tears in the ligament. Eight weeks later, it's still a bit painful with certain motions but is on the mend & won't require surgery, but I still have to use the splint with certain chores and activities.

  • Son's school resumed the last week of August, so we're adjusting to the changes of being in junior high.

  • With the wrist issues I've been able to do only the minimums with housekeeping and such, and very little to nothing on my hobbies of quilting and genealogy. DH isn't 'allowed' to cook, or wash's just best for all that way ;). Son has learned to wash most of the dishes.

  • Hmmm, now I'll spend time figuring out how to return to normal margins instead of bullets. Technology!

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