Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quilt #006

"(Nick's) Planets" In Nov 2006 I took a class through our LQS (now gone sadly) from the book: Stack & Whack by Bethany Reynolds. The fabric I later found for the backing would have been much better for the front, but it is what it is, and Nick loves his quilt. It is tied except along the borders where I stitched in the ditch, and it gets washed every few months. It measures 56"x 64". Nick's favorite color at the time was blue, and he was interested in planets. His now favorite color is black, but he still wants his bedroom painted dark blue...might happen before he heads to college, lol.
One of Marty's relatives was Clyde Tombaugh who discovered the now-demoted planet Pluto.
I enjoyed making this quilt but was disappointed with my fabric selection because it doesn't provide enough "oomph" for the technique. I finished it in Nov 2002 in order to display it in our guilds quilt show. It was not an award winner, nor had I expected it to be.

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