Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Morning

It's been a good morning :)

The near-teenager was taken to school where he and his classmates were to attend their first three classes. I came home and had my breakfast, sorted through some mail I didn't get to yesterday and then was picked up by the mom of one of his classmates and best friends and we went back to the school to pick up the boys' backpacks and see them off. The children were given instructions and their cabin assignments and were then loaded onto two buses, along with their overnight bags and sleeping gear for a retreat at a not-too-far-away retreat center. Sometimes it seemed a little like herding cats, but overall the children were cooperative yet very excited to be going on this overnight trip. They're scheduled to be back at the school for pickup around 5:00 tomorrow night. The house is always 'empty feeling' when he isn't home at times he normally would be. Sigh. On the 'upside' of that though is that I don't have to drive the 22 mile round trip to pick him up from school.

After the kids had departed, the other mom and I took the brief opportunity (due to a timing constraint she had) to have lunch at McDonald's. It was nice but brief, and for the first time in years since this McD's was remodeled and staffed with new employees, they didn't mess up my order. They've been on my personal-boycott list for a long time. Of course, when you only order a single sandwich item without changes, it shouldn't be messed up. But they would, that's the experiences we've had at this location.

The other mom then dropped me off at my house. So it was indeed a good morning. Now, to see what mischief I can get into this afternoon and evening.

The evening is 'mine' and DH has a buddy/men's meeting he regularly goes to on Thursday evening.

Oh, the only 'complaint' for the morning, was with another McD patron...her perfume was so strong and not pleasant. She walked out behind us and then walked past us, and even now, 45 minutes later my nose is still burning and the scent seems to be lingering in my sinuses. I'll save my personal rant on fragrances for another a nutshell, I can live without them entirely!

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