Monday, May 22, 2017

Exciting Times

The end of May is rapidly approaching.  I need to have done more than I have, but it is what it is.

Tomorrow morning, my daughter is leaving from her home in Texas along with my grand-babies (ages 2 and 6) traveling alone to come for a visit and to attend Nick's high school graduation on June 1st.  It will be great to see them, but I'm very concerned about her traveling alone with the youngsters.  Her original plan was to drive straight through...a 16-hour drive under 'normal' conditions...I can't imagine attempting that with kids.  It's tough enough with my 14-hour straight through to Oregon from here, by myself.  

I was able to convince her of the folly in that plan, and they will be spending the first night in Flagstaff, and should get here later in the evening on Wednesday.  This all could be delayed a day, but as of last night, she still plans to leave in the morning.  This will be the first time I've met my grand-daughter (the 2-yr old), so it is especially exciting.  Our house hasn't had little ones in it since Nick was little.  Speaking of Nick, he's encountering his final week of high school.  Have I mentioned that, while he's academically doing well, school is just something required from life.  He's not enthused about anything related to school or his classmates for the most part.  He's had NO interest in doing any of the senior activities - no prom, no senior special events.  He had NO interest in picking out senior pix, or a class ring, or his announcements.  In fact, we just ordered said pix last week after I hounded him to pick a pose.  The photos were taken last July and we had online proofs in August! and announcements have sat on the dining room table for weeks.  I hope he doesn't regret his lack of interest one day, but this seems to be who he is.  School is nothing special to him.  He plans to take a year off before heading to the local 2-year college.  I've opposed that plan, and have lost the fight.  

It's a Costco shopping day; it's getting late and I still need to shower. 

Oh, before I go, if you're wondering why my daughter is traveling alone with the kids, her husband has too many work commitments right now to join her, though there is a slim chance he may be able to fly in and then drive home with them.

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