Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quilt #007

From the "Morning Star Wall Quilt" pattern in Magic Stack-n-Whack by Bethany Reynolds; I chose a gold-painted fabric to make the stars and border. It measures 42.5" x 46 5/8" and is a wall-hanging I display at Christmas. Started in early December 2000, it was finished in late October 2003. I discovered the fabric paint to be a little hard to work with as to the center points but managed and ended up with flat centers :) . This was a much better fabric choice for this technique than was the fabric in "(Nick's) Planets". It was machine quilted and I used tissue paper to design my own 6-pointed stars for the border quilting. Tissue paper doesn't hold up really well though so I did about half of each border at a time, pinning the paper to the border. It was also entered in the local guild's quilt show, but only received a couple viewer choice votes. One fellow guild-member made the comment to me: "It's interesting that a Christian would quilt it with the Star of David." Well, my Saviour was born a Jew, so it shouldn't be seen as odd at all.

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