Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy ThanksGiving!

I must apologize for never having pictures for this side of my blog.  There's a laziness in me when it comes to that camera!

Now that today is nearly over, I truly hope and pray everyone had a wonderful day with family.  And if not with family, hopefully doing something enjoyable and pleasing.  I know for some, the holidays can be a real season of stress and hardship, something I've experienced myself often over the years I've spent since leaving home at the ripe old age of 18!

As you all may remember, I have only a large toaster oven [my Toaster-Oven Tuesdays have been side-lined due to current life events] and I used it to roast a turkey.  No, the whole turkey did not fit into the oven, but I cut off the wings and legs & thighs - leaving the latter two attached to each other - and roasted them and 1/2 the back in one batch on a rack in a pan, covered with foil.  When they were done, I then did the remaining 1/2 back and the breast.  I cooked them yesterday so that I could do the stuffing today and I cut up the breast, deboned the thighs and warmed them in the toaster oven.  Along with those dishes I had mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans w/butter, deviled eggs, store-bought sandwich rolls cut in half, and I opened our last can of green olives.  For dessert, I had picked up a NY cheesecake from Trader Joe's and a jar of lemon curd which I slathered over the top and Marty, Nick and I had quite a pleasant little feast, and there's plenty of leftovers to last through the weekend!

I'm thankful for my little family, and thankful I am home to be with them and to be able to cook a good meal for them.  I'm thankful I'm here and not up north where there is so much family drama.  I'm thankful for those family members even with the drama but am also thankful I moved away all those years ago and I'm especially thankful that the Lord chose me to be one of His own.

This past week, I learned from my daughter that her baby due in mid-April, is going to be a.....GIRL!  So I will have one grandSON and one grandDAUGHTER.  I guess I'd better seriously consider getting some quilts finished, including my daughter and son-in-law's wedding quilt that I started, ahem, about six years ago, and my grandson is already four and hasn't received a quilt from Grammy yet!  And tomorrow starts the annual Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, so excited and anxious to see what it will become!

May your home be filled with many blessings.

Friday, November 7, 2014

I'm Getting Ready

It's no surprise to my followers that I'm not on here much these days.  Maybe that'll change at least a little bit soon.  I'M GOING HOME on Monday with hopes, and plans, to be home until at least mid-January or even late-January.  

My dad has been doing well since his surgery.  I had a private meeting with his primary doctor the other day and updated him and discussed some of the issues I see.  When you have a man like my Dad with his mind-set, sometimes there's only so much you can do, and the rest you commit to prayer and trust God to take care of what you have no control over.  

An example of my Dad's stubbornness:  It's been just two weeks since his surgery.  There had been a windy rain storm right around that time.  A few roof shingles appeared to be affected.  My Dad said he was going to get up on the roof (single story house) to check them out.  He's 81 years old and thinks he's only 40.  I strongly recommended he wait until his much younger brother (67) could come over and help him (he's been helping said brother a lot on some of his own house repairs).  What happened?  As soon as I was out one day, and it wasn't raining, he climbed up on the roof with no one around.  He refuses help from others.  Had I been here, I probably would not have been able to stop him, but I could at least make sure the ladder didn't fall, and should he have fallen, I could get help right away.  His response to that.  Don't you dare, you leave me where I fall.  I will not go in an ambulance.  Um, yeah.   

Today was the first day I re-checked the comments on my last post since right after I posted.  There was a third comment, I have deleted it.  It was from that old familiar "Anonymous", whoever that is.  I've never met anyone by the name of Anonymous.  It had nothing to do with things posted on my blog, not even on my quilting blog.  I can only presume Anonymous claimed he is an "American man".  Anonymous seems to have issues with American women.    He sounded very angry and bitter towards American women - describing them very negatively.  He urges American men to boycott American women.  He linked a blog-site of his own which he said was for the sole purpose of explaining why American women are inferior to foreign women.  I did not click through.  Well, I hope he can find that "perfect" non-American foreign woman.  And I can't help but wonder just how perfect he sees himself as an American man.  How sad to be so jaded.
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