Monday, May 26, 2014

Catching Up

Here I am, eight days after my last posting on either of my blogs.  It's Memorial Day, and it's a beautiful day here in the Northwest with low-70 degree temps and partly cloudy skies, the kind that make you want to lay out in a hammock and find object-shapes in them.  Yesterday, my sister said one of them looked like an airplane and I found myself actually looking for the airplane she was talking about until she said 'in the clouds' - well, isn't that where airplanes are anyway?  She of course, saw an "airplane-shaped cloud" and it did look like one but rather cartoonish in style.  Fun anyway!
Lovely peonies
Let's see, what have I been up to for the past week plus since my last post? I traveled north of course and that was a 13 1/2 hour trip making only three stops for gas and using those same stops as my restroom breaks and for grabbing something to eat.  They were quick stops; I wasn't wasting time on the road!  The drive went quickly and after arriving back at my Dad's, the next few hours also went by in a flash and before I knew it, it was time to get to bed.
I love these rust irises, though they really look brown in the house.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Dad actually looked better, though he was still complaining about his health and weight loss (he's gained back about 10 pounds though he doesn't think so - but I saw the scales!).  I have my own opinions on the causes for his current health issues! 
My dad dozing off on the sofa - probably not the best picture
While glad to see him looking so good, I was a bit irritated that I left home at least two weeks earlier than planned because over the phone it sounded like he needed some medical attention (non-life-threatening) sooner than later.  It was not the case and we won't be seeing the doctor until tomorrow. 

Since I've been back here, I've been fighting a tension of complete inner irritability yet requiring the need to display abundant outward grace and patience along with trying to explain (from my better reasoning abilities) what may be causing some of his problems over the last few months.  Remember, my mom passed away and they had "taken care of" each other for 56 years.

One of the hardest things for me to deal with is his retelling of stories from his younger years and the 'escapades' of himself and people he knew; stories of a nature that should not be spoken of nor heard about once, let alone frequently!  Trying to tell him he's already told me that story hasn't worked.  Having known him for 78 58 (edited) of his near-81 years, I also know it would do no good to tell him I just do not want to hear them because he'd conveniently forget my request or tell them even more often! 
Another beautiful iris
Lest I give the impression that he's an ogre, he is not, he just doesn't have very good 'filters'.  He can be quite congenial and quite generous and sweet.  When I arrived, he had walked over to the Chinese food place and brought back dinner - he was walking in as I was driving in.  He had also gone out during the day and picked, not one, but TWO vases of flowers for me and had one in the dining area and one in my bedroom.  He has highly complimented me to others on my efforts at helping him with his financial affairs and working towards getting his medical needs squared away and recognizes how all of this takes me away from my husband and son and the responsibilities of my own home.
Vase 1: Rose, lily, peony
Vase 2: peony, pansy, rose, lily, clematis, and that purple flower (if you know what it is, please tell me) delphiniums.

I spoke privately with my Dad's general doctor.  I can't say as he enlightened me of anything I haven't already recognized.  I've not yet met the doctor he we will be seeing tomorrow, and after reviewing the medical files here at the house, I'm not sure he's going to give us any new insights either, but at least I will be there, taking notes, with eyes, ears and mind fully intact. ;)

This morning, I went along with my aunt, uncle and cousin to visit a cemetery while she put flowers on some graves.  Though Memorial Day originated from a day of remembering soldiers who died during a war, it seems it has morphed into a day of remembrance in general of those who are no longer with us whether they were in the military or not, and many others even see it as a day to honor those in the military still living on this day, perhaps confusing Veterans and Memorial days.  Regardless of how one sees this day, I enjoyed going with family members to remember those who are gone and those we miss.
The headstone image above is not known to be that of any relative, although within one married-in branch of the family, there is the name Pankratz.  Perhaps that's why I took a photo of it, just in case it ultimately does show up connecting to that family.

I went to a local RV show yesterday with my sister.  I wanted to see just what might be available for Marty should we reach the plan I've thought of with eventually moving here to the Northwest and having him take off to his favorite photo-op locales for weeks or months at a time - I'll stay home and quilt, work on genealogy, spend time with family and enjoy four real seasons!

Last night I had dinner at Wendy's with my Aunt Irene & Uncle Lloyd, my Uncle Carl and Aunt Claire, my cousin Dale and his wife & son.  Uncle Carl brought a few old coins to show as my cousin's 11-year old son has taken an interest in coin collecting.
1847 silver dollar
My uncle acquired the coin from my Grandma Freda's estate back in 1986.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Highway Beckons

In the morning, I will once again be heading north along that long ribbon of highway between 'home' and where I've so far this year spent half my time.  

The drive will be long; that part I do not look forward to, sure am wishing I lived closer!

Marty starts his new job in the morning.  He doesn't have to be there until 11:00 as they're bringing in four or five new-hires all at once.

Hoping to get a good night's rest before leaving around 5:30 - 6:00 which will put me where I need to be around 8:00 p.m..

There's still packing to be done, and a load of laundry to finish. 

Feeling quite tired already.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Remembering Mom

B. "June" W.
1933 - 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Resurrection...of Sorts

A few days ago I wrote about, and posted some old photos of, my poor dead Gypsy Moth rose.  I really was quite sad that this rose bush had met its demise in my absence.  A number of days prior to my earlier post, I'd gone to the rose and cut the dead stems to verify that it was indeed dead...and by all appearances, it was.  Those stems were dry and brittle and there was no sign of life anywhere in that pot!

Much to my surprise today, I looked out the patio sliding door and saw something green in that pot.  Thinking it to be a weed, I went to the pot and glory, Hallelujah, there is definitely something green in that pot, and it wasn't  a weed.  You do see in this photo what I see, right?   I'm not imagining this?  Gypsy Moth lives
Yes indeed, even without any added water, it appears that the crown/base of this bush still lives and new leaves have sprung up.  Those two thick brown stems are dry and dead, at least at the point where I cut them back to, but from that stubby part of the bush, beautiful green leaves tinged in red are growing

I gave it some water right after I snapped this photo, and we shall see if it can remain alive.  I am amazed, and thankful!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Casualty

I was going to post something else today since it's Tuesday, but will wait.

Instead, what came to mind was this beautiful rose, Gypsy Moth.  These pictures are from my previous post of last year here and even then they were photos from 2010.

 Above is a single bloom.
And here was a cluster of three blooms all opening at the same time on one stem.

When I was home in mid-March for a week, the plant, which had always been in a pot since before Marty and I were married (18 years in June) was looking really good.  I came home this time to find it dead as dead can be.  He did not water it at all.  In fact, he had not done much in the back yard at all, other than mow the little bit of lawn that's there - and frankly, I think Nick did that!  The lawn's on automated sprinklers, so it is still living, as were the volunteer, reverted-to-wild, strawberries which he didn't mow over so that I could see them, loaded this year with itty bitty berries that taste awful - I'll leave them for the birds, or squirrels!  Oh, and the weeds in our terrace area are doing quite well thank you, without water!  Why can't they be the casualty and my rose have thrived?

But my poor old rose bush, dead, dead, dead. It was my only rose bush.  I'd had another, but it died several years ago and it's name was Garden Party.  Marty said he'd replace it.  I told him not to bother as it'd end up dead too, especially since I'll be back and forth between two states frequently.  Roses, and all other such things will have to take a back seat for now.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Today's Plans

Hah! I'm not sure I have any plans but I know I should be doing something!  

After doing some piecework for two hours the night before last, I found myself having the urge to do some genealogy.  I haven't done any serious work on that in over six months.  I spent about an hour that evening and most of yesterday, when I wasn't doing household chores, sorting through a few stacks of papers and trying to remember where I was last in that endeavor.  I alphabetized some files, and re-wrote some notes from scattered slips of paper into a spiral notebook, did a little perusing around my favorite genealogy internet sites and found by the end of the day that I really didn't want to work on it, and really didn't figure out where I'd left off.  Today, I'll probably just file away what I pulled out and sorted and revisit it all at a later date.

On my mind to do are so many things that need to be done, in addition to wanting to get back into gear with my quilting.  I need to discuss with Marty, and plan, as to whether or not I'll be doing Quilt Camp as I did last year.  I need to re-evaluate our financials by running some reports from Quicken, and I need to file what I posted to Quicken last week.  I need to start looking at my calendar and determining those trips and durations to the northern wet land to continue assisting my dad.  

But back to today.  First on the agenda...a shower and getting dressed.  I've had my coffee and toast and watched a quilt show.  I need to clear off the dining room table which has become a dumping ground for all things this week.  I need to prepare some meat that's in the refrigerator for tonight's dinner and freeze the rest.  Maybe I'll prepare all of it and freeze some of the cooked product for the guys for when I'm not here.  That presumes they'll remember it's there.  

I need to decide if I want to continue with Toaster-Oven Tuesday, having already missed this past Tuesday again even though I'm home.  Today's meat prep will be partially done in the T-O so I should have a post this coming week as long as I remember to take pictures. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Family Time

Don't forget to check out my quilting and other needle work projects at Webs of Threads.  And while there, go ahead and follow me on that blog too.

Above is the only existing photo of the five of us siblings in existence that was not taken when we were still teenagers and younger and living at home.  You might say we haven't been a very close family.  This was taken in my Mom's hospital room after she'd been placed on hospice comfort care and before she was transported to the house.  She used to say "None of you kids can get along long enough to be under the same roof for more than five minutes."  Well, on one hand, that was pretty much accurate.  This 'all under the same roof' lasted only about long enough to get this photo!  And she was still aware enough to know we were all there at the same time.  I would have had us gather around her to include her, but had promised I wouldn't take any photos of her in the hospital, and I kept that promise.   It isn't that we don't get along, we just have different life styles and three of us live in different states.  The two in the same state live an hour and half apart. The brother with the beard was only 12 when I left home at 18.  The one with the red head band has a job that takes him to job sites all over the country under contracted durations, but he has also spent time in Antarctica and St. Croix.
Here, we have L-R, my daughter, my sister, my dad, my sister's son and his two children.
Taken during my week at home in mid-March, my daughter (Victoria), Marty, and Nick.  I would have really enjoyed having my daughter stay with us longer than just the couple of days she was able to be there.  I really miss her and she's about 1200 miles away in a different direction. 
My dad, his youngest daughter from his first marriage and her two daughters.  I had not seen her since we were teenagers or younger.  Stuff like that happens when you live 900 miles apart and didn't have a close relationship.  I was, during my teenage years, close to her oldest sister, in part because we were close to the same age and she and I had stayed in touch in my early years away from home but as life goes, we eventually drifted apart.  I've spoken with her a couple times though while I was there, and hope to take my dad over to visit with his daughters, he has three, when I get back up there.  I enjoyed meeting this step-sister's daughters.  One expressed an interest in learning about her family's genealogy and I can certainly fill her in on that as I've done quite a lot of research on my dad's ancestry.
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