Friday, March 5, 2010

Fire Insurance or True Heart

Our youngster is eleven. We have taken him to church with us since shortly after his birth. He attends a Christian school. We endeavor to live our lives in accordance with the teaching of Jesus Christ at home, though admittedly, often fall short. Last night, my husband comes into my 'studio' and closes the door behind him. He said "Our son just prayed to have Jesus come into his heart". He elaborated a little more in that at school they're studying from the book of Revelation, and he got scared. We praise God !

My prayer is that he has been truly convicted of his sin and his sinful nature, and truly desires a personal relationship with the Lord. My 'fear' is that, at this still young age, he merely wants 'fire insurance' of going to heaven, and that's not ASsurance. Time will tell as the years go by. And we'll continue to pray that he'll continually desire and draw near to the Saviour.
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