Monday, October 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I'm new to Judy's Design Wall Monday and don't have anything on my wall at present, but thought this would be a good, if not humorous, way to begin. I have some projects that I need to get back to work on and how many hundreds of ideas that I'd like to start with a stash that'll clearly outlive me. It's a good thing I like scrappy quilts. As recently as last night I was continuing on my organizing of some of the fabrics that have been scattered hither and yon with their respective projects.

The lanyard has that removable section which, instead of scissors, I've attached a needlepoint pincushion I made some years ago. It keeps pins under control at the design wall...when I remember to use it.

Well, my post didn't last long there. My confusion I guess is that the post actually has to show fabric or a design of a project in process or intended, and not what I have (as shown here) on my design wall which is the lanyard. My bad. So, back to the drawing board as they say, and somewhere down the road I'll have a project back on the wall. I don't hold this against Judy, after all - her blog, her rules, and I believe in following rules and if I had rules on my blog and someone didn't follow them, I'd do the same and give their post the boot too.

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