Sunday, October 2, 2011

Planning For 2012

No, I don't believe the world will be ending in 2012. Believing the truths of God's word in the Bible, the Lord Jesus would have to return to remove His followers (known as the Rapture of the Church). Following the rapture is the seven years of tribulation, which is then followed by Christ's 1000 year reign ON THE EARTH, so the earth has, at a minimum, another 1007 years should the Rapture occur imminently....many days I would like that to happen now rather than the day of which no man will know until the time. Other days, I pray it doesn't happen for a very long time because there are so many people I love who don't have a personal relationship with Christ and I want to see them in Heaven. So, I know the earth will be here in 2012, whether I am or not! So I will plan, and the Lord will make the necessary adjustments to my steps.

Since girlhood I've enjoyed collecting recipes. In part I think, because growing up we pretty much had just basic foods and repetitive meals. That may have been fairly normal in a rural area where neither money nor grocery variety were abundant during the 1950s and 1960s. Over the years I've culled through those old recipes, added new ones and added numerous cookbooks to my shelves. Something I need to do frequently. Lately I've been creating weekly menu plans with a breakfast/lunch/dinner chart on the front and a shopping list on the back. For both, I found forms online, adjusting to suit my needs. I have about six months worth in work at this time. What I've noticed is that I must really be desiring winter, as many of the recipes I'm adding are casseroles, stews, soups, and in general, hearty meals. As I refine these menu plans, I'll see how I can adjust them to make them healthier without robbing flavor. Hubby and I both need to lose more than just a few pounds while the almost-teenager is a true string bean! We want to keep eating like we're 20 and the string bean doesn't. My goal is to have the menus ready for 2012, if not before.

Next on my list is to get more quilting done. Aside from Poseidon Loses, I've done nothing on creating quilts except adding to my fabric stash and quilt tools and books collections. PL is the 34th quilt I've started/worked on since I began quilting in 1999. And some of those, as with PL, were worked on by others as well. In that count are some missionary quilts, a couple quilts for military members in our church fellowship group, and a quilt for our pastor and his wife that were joint projects where I did the piecing and others did the quilting and/or tying and binding. Some of those projects have only reached the starting point of setting aside the pattern and fabric, but I still count them because I will proceed with them. I'm looking forward to joining Judy L's weekly stash reports, Design Wall Monday and UFO Challenge 2012.

In part, that's also why I want to keep up with this blog. It may not be daily, may not even be weekly other than the reports, but I'd like to keep it going with some of the things in my world, and as I learn my way around this blogging thing, I'll start adding some photos.

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