Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kitty Update

Fanner saw Mrs. Vet yesterday. In a nutshell, it's a wait-and-see, or try to get through a couple weeks with observations, an antibiotic and to get beyond near-teenagers birthday (and thus bad/sad associations) before having her put to rest. While the probable stones didn't show on the xray, the symptoms lead to that conclusion given she didn't appear to have a urinary tract infection - no crystals in the urine, and that last December when she had surgery to remove the stones, the stones didn't show in an xray either, but did in an ultrasound right before surgery. The fact that the stones have recurred in such a short time (first indication might have been as early as July) confirms the vets recommendation to not do another surgery. This little kitty, at only age 7, has already out-lived her life-expectancy given her medical problems. We've been blessed to be able to have her and to love her and care for her. Why are these things always so hard?

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