Friday, October 21, 2011

Quilt #013 (Barie)'s Pinks

This is also an Eleanor Burns Quilt In A Day Double Pinwheel pattern. I altered the number of rows, and the size before adding the binding was 67.5" x 78.5". It's shown atop a double bed.

I made the quilt as a Christmas gift for my half-sister whom I hadn't met until she was around 34 years of age. I began the quilt in December 2003 and finished in October 2004. Ignore the date on the photo - that's because I was too lazy to figure out how to change it or remove it. I can be quite lazy at times.

My fabric choices and placements didn't bring out the double windmill pattern as well as with the other one from the same pattern. I opted for a tan background as Barie had dogs and I felt sure the dogs would probably sleep on the quilt right along with Barie. Barie's favorite color is pink. It is quilted in the ditch, and is obviously scrappy pinks.

I probably won't hear from Barie again, nor will I go out of my way to reach her. I had found her after wondering about her for 34 years and having only seen a picture of her at about the age of 1, and we stayed in touch for awhile. Long story short, her brother Mac (from her mother's first marriage) and my sister Marie (from when our dad was still married to my mother) got married to each other within four months of being reunited after we located Barie. They'd first met when my sister Marie was about 14 which is when my dad, and Barie's mother were married and Marie went to live with them for a short while and they'd had a crush on each other. We all told Marie to wait but she didn't and they are now divorced (from a purely earthly perspective, not a bad thing!).
Messed up lives create further messed up lives. There's also a half-brother (from yet another mother), somewhere, but this situation has shown me I don't need to find him. Some things are best left behind us. Ok, off the rabbit trail and back to fabric. Really, back to fabric...folding, organizing, deciding. Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love this scrappy pink quilt -- and I actually rather like how the pinwheels are a little more subtle. Lovely quilt! :)


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