Thursday, October 13, 2011

Still Adjusting

...and trying to understand how Blogger works!! I notice that the photos I upload to Blogger are saved at Picasa. I viewed my photos there and saw many were duplicated so I deleted the duplicates...but it could take 24 hours to see if they're the ones that actually posted to the respective posts. The duplicates were there, I assume, because sometimes when writing a post and editing it, I would backspace one space too far and delete (?) the photo. At least it didn't show anymore, so I'd re-upload it. Spacing doesn't seem to stay where I put it. If I preview my post, then go back to the edit, the dialog has shifted. There seems to be a lot of unnecessary 'work' in creating a single post. Am I being a fuss-budget and do I just not get it?, have I missed something somewhere? And I added the counter that shows blog I checked the box to NOT have MY views included in the counter, but it seems it changes anyway, and I don't know if I'm the only one who views my blog or if others are seeing/viewing it. I'm not concerned with numbers but it would be nice to know if even one real person (besides me) is/has visited :)

Anyone else using Blogger have this much confusion/troubles at the beginning/still?

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