Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tail-dragging Tuesday

Yesterday, I made a specific point of staying busy with household chores. Whew, am I tired today! And I still don't feel like I accomplished much as I'm so far behind on things, especially those deep cleaning chores which I haven't gotten too yet.

This morning was occupied by my first physical therapy appointment on my wrist. I have to do this twice a week for a month. I'm betting I tell them I'll just let time and God finish the healing! I can't help but wonder about why I, and my insurance, are paying some 'professional' to show me how to move and hold my wrist/hand in various positions for 45 seconds. I suppose he has a good education that needs to be paid for, and if it does eventually need surgery they won't do it without having gone through these hoops. At 11 weeks after the initial injury, I find it hard to believe it's just 'swelling' of the ligaments and other tissues (mind you, the wrist itself never swelled up!) that's still causing the ache, and the pain and popping with certain motions, but what do I know. So much for that rant against the medical bureaucracy.

On a brighter note, in my morning grogginess it seemed awfully dark this morning but I never bothered to look out a window...was all I could do to pour my coffee and fix Nick's and my breakfast. (Marty is up and out of the house by 5:30 so he does the coffee and then grabs breakfast when he gets to work-I think the company pays for it right along with his lunch-great benefit.) When it was time to leave to take Nick to school, he opens the door and not only is it cloudy out, but it was WET! It was sprinkling! I had no idea it was suppose; guess I wasn't paying attention to any weather reports. We both love the rain...after all...I'm the Duck out of Water :)

Have a blessed day and stay safe!

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  1. Interestingly enough, my doc has told me he won't send me to physical therapy when I'm able to bear my weight again. He told us the best PT was to walk on it. Imagine that! I hope you continue to heal and that you've got full use, soon!! :)


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