Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Do I Really Want To Quilt?" My First Quilt

From Start Quilting with Alex Anderson, I began this quilt in June 1999, but didn't finish it completely until March of 2003. That looks like 3.5 years doesn't it? That's because I actually wanted to quilt it rather than tie it and I hadn't learned how to do that yet. I didn't track my time on this one. And I don't remember how soon after I began as to when I finished the top. It seems it wasn't 3.5 years, but I was caring for my then-toddler so it might have taken awhile and in the meantime I had started other projects as well. The story about this first quilt is found at

The 'bumps' in the top part of the binding are from the clips that hold it while it's hanging or maybe from the pins holding it to the design wall. Occasionally I'll rotate it and let gravity rearrange those 'bumps', or if it gets too dusty, into the washer, yes, it gets laundered, and also the dryer! and I'll use my iron to press it. Sometimes it's used as a table topper. If you read the story, you know how much fabric I purchased and from some of that extra fabric, I made the additional blocks and turned them into placemats (I had no pattern, just went by the size of some I had.)....12 placemats to be exact. Do we ever have 12 sitting around our table? Not a chance. These days, we don't have the three of us around the table every night :-S.

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