Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not Such a Great Yester Day

But, in ALL things Give Thanks.  Give thanks that there were no injuries.  Give thanks that I was able to go pick him up.  Give thanks for insurance.  Give thanks that while it will be an unplanned expense, we should be able to replace it without too much difficulty.  Give thanks that he can work from home, and/or rent a car if needed.  At 4:30 yesterday afternoon, Marty called to say that he had just had an accident on the freeway, rear-ending an SUV type vehicle.  The nose of the Camry slid under the rear of her vehicle (hers was still drivable showing little damage), but the Camry had to be towed to a holding yard awaiting the insurance estimator who can't see it until Monday, but will have to transport it to their own holding yard, oh yay!  Obviously, Marty isn't really happy about now, as it was a 'dumb' mistake, and he will likely have to look for a new (used) vehicle in a short time.  We knew we'd be having to replace the Camry but had hoped to hold off until Nick got his license in less than two years and then letting him have the Camry as his first car since he'd only be driving to and from school or an occasional trip to visit his friends.  We won't know if the insurance company will deem this 'totaled' but likely will, even if it's repairable, as it's a 2000, and has over 200K miles on it.  It's not known if the engine or frame are damaged but all the side panels are fine, it just crunched the hood, the grill, the lights & the radiator based on what I could see last night - the airbag didn't even deploy!  He said he was probably only at about 15 mph when it hit.  This car has required very little repair over the years, we bought it new.  Even though it's as old as it is, it still had that new car smell as it was garaged at home and in a garage structure where Marty works - no sun damage to the interior which is near perfect too as only Marty used and rarely had passengers.  We usually take my car when we go anywhere.  I'm sad - and I prayerfully hope that we can salvage it - even if the insurance does "total" it.  Anyone ever gone through 'buying back' from the insurance company?

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  1. I am glad to hear that Marty was okay! A long, long time ago we did a buy back from insurance and it isn't hard to do. Good luck!


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