Friday, February 1, 2013

Hopping Aboard

Lately I see so many needlework projects popping up on the quilty blogs I visit.  So OK, I'm jumping on the bandwagon too so that I don't get left behind - I admit, I'm more of a follower than a leader.  In reality, their works are just encouraging me to return to needlework crafts that I use to do a lot of, and some of which I've wanted to do for several years.  

Like this project, which I bought way-y-y-y back in 2006 on one of my trips to the northern wet land.  I bought it from a lady whose company (of one?) is known as The Brass Needle and she was sitting at her booth with some of her wares and working away, and oh my, it was so very enticing, and beautiful!  So I bought one very small kit.  When finished, the design will only measure 3" x 3".  The little basket in this piece is made by weaving one type of thread, and then it is edged in a stem stitch using a boucle' thread - first time I've used that and now my thumb and fingers are a bit tender.  I've never used such a big needle with embroidery before either, but it's one of two that came with the kit (the other not a lot smaller) and was recommended to be used for the basket threads because they're heavier.  It says it has a 'large' eye, large compared to what? a gnat's eye? Oh my but it was hard to thread those things, even using a short length of regular sewing thread put through the eye to make a loop to draw the kit threads through!  It wasn't possible to draw the boucle' through that way, so struggled with getting a good point on the end of the thread and getting a good aim!

Really, I do have a picture of this project, so I suppose I should show it, no?

EdMar Brazilian Embroidery Geraniums kit

Basket and needle.  I don't know if this pattern was just printed too light on the cloth, or if it's faded in the 6+ years I've had it squirreled away, so I'll be doing a bit of looking at the kit photo and the true-size print on the instructions in order to work it.

Two and a half years ago, I purchased an even larger kit while at a quilt show on the coast of that wet land.  It's a lovely heart pattern...appropriate since this month has Valentine's Day, but I'm sure I won't be working on it for a long time. 

EdMar Brazilian Embroidery kit, Ariel's Heart  These threads are all rayon thread, and very slippery - should be interesting!

One of my thoughts with learning Brazilian Embroidery, is that it could be quite lovely on a crazy quilt some day, yet another desire of mine to create.  A good book for learning the stitches is one by Maria A. Freitas The Art of Dimensional Embroidery.  I would also like to try my hand at ribbon embroidery, which I thought was in this book, but I dug out the book and there's none in it...hmmm, guess I'll have to research that more.

Thirty plus years ago, I was an in-home sales consultant for Artcraft Concepts, a needlework company out of Ballston Spa, NY.  They no longer exist, but I still have all my teaching tools and quite a number of projects in boxes that I never started.  The company had embroidery, longstitch projects, plastic canvas, wonderful latchhook rugs and many other needlework projects - remember when all of that was really big back in that era?  I wrote about one of my other projects from the company here. I've done just a little more work on it recently too, as I have 30 minutes of time to work on something while I wait for Nick at his piano lesson, and I've run out of my usual crossword puzzles.

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