Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cat Tails #8

There are times I'm not sure which of the two fur-babes is 'top' cat.  It seems lately though that Flame may hold that designation.

Here she is guarding my Easy Street blocks making sure they don't escape. 

And this smug look? Well, she's sitting atop the cable converter box which sits at the back of my desk between a file folder holder and a stack of 'stuff'.  Right behind it are two identical boxes with towels in them (just for the kitties) that sit atop respective 2-drawer file cabinets.  Raven had jumped up onto the desk and attempted to get past her to get to one of the boxes and Flame promptly decided no way, Jose' and bit Raven's nose, to which Raven then found a different route.  Flame was not about to move for anything.  And, upon Raven's getting into one of the boxes a different way, and trying to say howdy to Flame, Flame decided to nip at her again and remain smugly seated as you see above.  Guess we know who the Cat Queen least on this day.  The day before they had a wrestling match on the dining room's tile floor - ouch!

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