Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seriously, Again? and The Hobbit

For the last few days, I've been again feeling a dull ache in my chest, and sure enough, started coughing again yesterday.   Will this crud ever leave?  And of course, Marty's been home with the flu (verified) all week, then I hear on the news that there are three strains going around, of which you can catch all at different times.  So this morning I decided I'd nip this in the bud right off the bat and headed straight to my doctor's office (it's also an urgent care center so don't have to make appointments).  It wasn't real busy yet, unlike when I went in right before Christmas, and I was seen and out and off to the pharmacy and home in just a little over an hour - that's good  time here!  They did a flu test, negative, thank You Lord!, temp was normal, bp was ok, I've lost about 5 pounds :) and he didn't hear any 'loose stuff' in my lungs.  No real 'diagnosis'.  But I'm coughing and my chest is tight like before, so he prescribed some cough syrup, and some Lidocaine patches for my lower back. Also an antibiotic Rx for if "(I'm) not better by Monday". 

Marty said I'm grumpy when I'm sick.  And here I thought I was less grumpy because I wasn't talking as much back in December.  Funny huh?

Despite this condition and believing I'm not contagious, and because the movie is getting toward the end of its run, we decided we better get out to see The Hobbit.  In the series, that's the only book I've read, and that, only within the last couple of years, but I still found myself not remembering what was to happen nor in what sequence those things I did remember.  I enjoyed the movie and thought it moved along quite well for being nearly three hours long, but there were a few spots I just plainly found silly or corny.  I didn't find the fat Orc King to be cohesive with all the other orcs (the make-up etc).  He was CGI and to me it just didn't fit with everything else and made me think it was a bit of an attempt at a pseudo Jabba the Hutt.  Just didn't work for me.  I still give it a good thumbs up.  Originally I'd wanted to see both the IMAX 3D and the normal screening, but at this late date only the IMAX 3D was still out at our theater, so I had to hunt down some old contacts I still had - hate wearing 3D glasses over my regular glasses.  I'm actually glad it was still in 3D as otherwise, I'd never get to see it that way.

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