Friday, January 25, 2013

Fina-Lee Friday!

I guess sending Fina-Lee Friday to the corner for awhile didn't last long, so I'll say at best, it'll be inconsistent  I don't have a lot to post for Friday, and it's almost over, so most of you won't see it until Saturday anyway...heck, it might not actually get posted until Saturday if I don't type faster!
  • We got rain!  I love rain! It reminds me of 'home'!  Nick likes rain too.  I'm not so sure Marty does, he has to drive 40 or so miles round trip to and from work in it and it really bogs down traffic and increases the fender benders around the county!
  • My wounds that I wrote about on Wednesday are healing very quickly much to my surprise.  The way they were bleeding, I was expecting many days, and some pain/tenderness, but nope, I was able to remove the bandages late yesterday and haven't needed to put them back on.  I'm very happy and thankful for that, and that there's no pain..
  • We received word this evening that a good friend, one we've known for decades, has cancer.  We don't know the full prognosis, but it's a fairly rare one and the liver and lymph nodes are involved already (it's probably been present for six or seven years).  A surgery is on tap in a couple of weeks, and that's all the info I was able to obtain at this time.  Please keep this friend in your prayers - God knows the name and the needs of His child.
  • We're having a business come in to estimate our kitchen remodel - not of my liking, but Marty wanted to find out, so that's tomorrow (Sat) at 10:00 or 11:00.  Marty's also found a couple more contractors to *his* liking on Angie's List, so we'll likely have them come in for estimates too.  I have no problem with our bathroom contractor, but Marty has his own issues there, mostly $$$-wise, so frankly, if he chooses someone else and I'm not happy with the kitchen, he may find himself doing a whole lot more cooking and dish-washing, lol!  Kitchen ratio: me - 99.9%, Marty .1% of time spent working in it.  I think I'll go put my nose back in Proverbs 31 now.
  • I'm a little bummed that I don't get to go to Road 2 CA. again this year.  My friend I would have ridden with wasn't able to go, and Saturday was the best day to schedule the dude for kitchen estimate.  It's probably just as well, given my recent health issues, being not fully 100% yet, would hate to walk around too much carrying fabric or tools or books - purchases - and have my back overly irritated again.
To anyone who IS going to R2C, have a wonderful time ogling all those beautiful quilts that I'm sure will be there, and contribute well to the economy by visiting the vendors, and be safe in your travels there.  And don't forget to post pictures!

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