Friday, January 11, 2013

What Day Is It?

Hmmm, Friday again.  I think I'll fore-go my usual "Fina-Lee Friday" for awhile.

I did manage to go to quilt guild last night.  This was quite the accomplishment since I haven't been going much of any where for weeks and weeks other than driving Nick to and from school and a stop at Walmart on Tuesday.  The guest speaker was ok, just not my style and color choices for the most part, but she was still interesting.  I do like to see what interests others.  I always enjoy hearing the stories of how different guest speakers first came to the world of quilting.  They can be quite funny!

Some of my reasons for going were to see if it was possible to sit for an extended time in less than comfortable chairs which helped me determine that I will probably only attend one service at church on Sunday rather than two (one is our fellowship group and they have hard plastic, very uncomfortable chairs), and January is when we pay our annual dues so I had to write my check for that, and I think in all of 2012 I only managed to get to guild once or twice, so am trying to do a little better this year.  We shall see.

 I need to stop at the fabric/craft store (not Jo-Ann's) today to look for a minimum of 1/2 yard of a light gold-tone, preferably not a solid and something that will fit with paisley.  Also need to look for a darker gold that will read solid for an inner border for the same project.  For that, I need about a yard.  If I can't find it today, I'll have to take a longer drive to a quilt store about 15 miles away tomorrow.  The center of this project is made from 8 FQs and 1/2 y. background fabric (the light gold-tone).  I bought the FQs as a coordinated pack a few years ago.  Now, with working on it, I finally read the instructions and realize that there is absolutely NO room for cutting errors or mangling a piece in sewing, because you use pretty much every - single - bit of those FQs.  I have been known to not take that sage advice of "measure twice - cut once"  and with at least two of these FQs, even a single 1/4" wide wrong cut would have been disastrous - try finding that same fabric after several years! Thankfully, all has been cut and sewn into blocks except for where I need that background and I plan to buy MORE than the 1/2 yard!  So it's about time to head out the door.  

Stitch it up!

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