Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get It Done - January Accomplishment, February Goals

In the past Judy at Patchwork Times had us linking up with a single monthly goal of finishing our UFO with a specific UFO to finish each month.  This year, she's changed that and instead of a single UFO to work on/finish each month, she's having us set 4 goals of our own choosing each month.

These were my January goals and the progress I made:

For January 2013

  • Finish Easy Street to the flimsy stage - accomplished
  • Quilt #031 Valentine Quilt (see my 2012 UFO list)
  • Start Bella Luce: prep and cut fabric - accomplished...and also constructed up to, but not including borders
  • Finish the Dresden Plate block on #23 Rooster Quilt (see my 2012 UFO list) 
And these are my goals:

For February 2013

  • Quilt #031 Valentine Quilt (see my 2012 UFO list)
  • Finish the Dresden Plate block on #23 Rooster Quilt (see my 2012 UFO list)
  • Apply borders to Bella Luce - need to find the right border fabric
  • Do some remodel work to studio - this has been a years long project - some steps need to start getting done!
  • Start an I Spy quilt for my grandson  

You'll note that two of the ones from January are being carried over to February.  That's just how it goes.   The three new ones, well, one qualifies for my NewFO projects as well, one is continued work on a current project and the other is quilting related only in that it's the room I need to be working in and want to be working in but has been neglected again for the last year, or is it now two?, since I accomplished putting in my stash closet.

You'll find more progress updates at Judy's site, linked up in my first sentence.


  1. Every little bit you get done brings you one step closer to a finished project - you did good on your goals.

  2. Progress is progress! And as you note, sometimes just tugging that loose thread in a problem leads to working on it more than you planned :) I have a sewing room redo to accomplish too, but mine is only room reorganizing --hope you get a lot done on February's list!


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