Thursday, January 31, 2013

January NewFO

I'm taking part in the NewFO Linky party over at Barbara's Cat Patches.  I figured since I enjoy piecing more than quilting, this would be perfect for me, but then I'll have to address my UFO problem ... some where... some day.

For January, I've been working on two different NewFOs, not to mention working on Easy Street during that time.  Easy Street is at the 'finished up to but not including borders (opt.)' point and that's where it'll stay for a good long while.

#1:  I've posted snippets before on this project:  

From the pattern: Bella Luce by Pressed For Time Quiltworks (Pattern designed exclusively for Pincushion Boutique, Davis, CA. c.Mary Hubka May, 2008)          
In this picture, you are seeing the full size of the main body of the quilt sans borders other than the strips on the left which are the correct width for the borders.  I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm not happy with gold border selection and will be scouting for a new fabric choice, but currently have nothing in my stash that works.  Note in the upper photo that there is an additional fabric that I pinned up this morning - bottom half of the gold border - it is an FQ that I have in a 'kit' for another project, but that's all I have, one FQ, I need 5/8 yard, and I have no name or other identification for it - I would be very happy with that one! Don't you think it looks better than the gold at the top? Oh well.  The main section measures 36.5" x 45.25" raw.  When finished with both borders all around, it should measure 53" x 60".  

I've enjoyed working on this quilt.  It's challenges were in matching numerous straight and angled seams.  The other challenge I faced was being accurate in cutting.  I don't mean that necessarily in the sense of cutting was a challenge - it was easy - but there was NO room for error as I'd purchased an already coordinated fabric set of FQs and if you made even one mistake, you'd be in trouble.  My suggestion, would be if anyone were to make this pattern, or if I chose to make it again at some point, instead of FQs, buy yardage and a little extra just to be on the safe side, especially if you're like me and buy project components but don't start it until years later when you can no longer find the fabric without an extensive internet search - IF you even know the name of the fabric you're looking for!  Also, I would recommend, getting your border fabrics at the same time you buy your other fabrics, something I failed to do, but fortunately was able to find the outer border fabric which matches one of the fabrics used in the center, but the gold border fabric is now an issue as shades being produced have changed.

To this point, it has taken 16.6 hours.  (Yes, I'm a 'bean-counter' by nature, thus I track my time spent making my quilts, to the 10th of each hour - every 6 minutes is 1/10 hour.)  So when someone asks me if I 'sell' my quilts and they're thinking $50 I can laugh in their face - I have family and friends who would think that!)

#2  I've also posted snippets of this one.

From the pattern: Circle of Light designed by Susan Dyer & Nancy Raschka-Reeves, Glad Creations, Inc, Minneapolis, MN
All of the blocks are complete except for a minor correction to the corner of two blocks - helps to thoroughly read and understand the directions.

I personally found this pattern to be challenging as to following the directions, mostly in the cutting process.  I'm not sure I could adequately explain why it was challenging or whether it was just my understanding, or the way the instructions were written.  The pattern gives options for both a 72" x 88" quilt and an 88" x 104" quilt.  I did the smaller of the two sizes.  I'm sure the instructions were intended to give the best layout for cutting given the varying sizes of several units, but it just became too wordy for me.  It called for 1/2 yard cuts of a total of 30 different fabrics, which were then cut in half (like an FQ), and since I used from my stash, some of my pieces were either smaller, or larger, or a combination of pieces that were still able to give me what I needed, so I had to figure out some of my cutting.  There were instructions for cutting from your stash, and alternate background cutting, and alternate ways of sewing triangles - the pattern called for half-square triangle paper which I've never used and didn't have. I also found, again for me, that one of the steps should have been placed in a different order, so that the lesser number of a specific set of blocks would have come out right, but then that might have been due to my earlier misunderstanding of the number of blocks needed, hence those two blocks that need a corner remediation.

I like the look, actually love the look, but I'd have to really want to do another one very badly before I chose to do this pattern again.  It just seems it should have been easier to cut and assemble without having to check the instructions every 5 minutes.  I've invested 41.1 hours working time just to this point.


  1. ooo - both projects are delectable - I'm especially loving Bella Luce :D


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