Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cat Tails #9 : Cats In The 'Dog' House

Yesterday morning, I took Nick to school, then stopped at Wally World aka WalMart to pick up some of Nick's favorite soups for his school lunches, some hand lotion (humidity has been very low here and my hands are dry), and a few other items, then on to JoAnn's to look for a couple specific items for a class I'm taking in March.  Found one item, but not the other.

When I got home and was bringing my purchases in, I was surprised to not be met by the kitties, they seemed to be hiding; Flame is almost always at the door as I come in.  As I set my purchases on the kitchen/dining room floor, I saw the reason why.  There, shattered in a gazillion pieces on the floor was one of my half-gallon jars, which I'd recently washed and not yet put away.  Also on the floor was a decorative wick-type lamp but it didn't have a chip out of it. It had been on the short bookshelf that sits beneath the breakfast counter that the jar was on.  Kitties finally made their appearance and proceeded to be wildly rambunctious chasing and wrestling each other, and I suspect they were doing the same when they managed to knock this jar off the counter!  And I forgot to take a picture even though my camera was at hand.

Wait, it gets better....but I was not sure whether to continue to be angry with the cats, or at my own klutziness.  I grabbed the broom to start sweeping up all the pieces and shards that skittled across the hard, ceramic tiles of the floor, and in maneuvering the broom to sweep underneath a low cart, I managed to move my hands holding the handle towards the floor in such a way that I jabbed the back of my left index finger, near the knuckle by the flat of the back of the hand, on a large piece of glass I'd not yet picked up.  It bled profusely, so I quickly grabbed a tissue and ran upstairs to find the bandages.  Then I had to keep the blood off long enough to get the bandage on! Uh huh.  OK, all set, get back downstairs and start picking up those bigger pieces, and reach down with my right hand and oh yeah, eeeeeyowwww, managed to slice the padded part of my right middle finger and again a profusion of blood, leaving drops on the floor and yet another trip up the stairs for more bandages and trying to keep the blood wiped off long enough to put the bandage on.  Needless to say, I was ready to take all the bandages back downstairs 'just in case' because things weren't going very smoothly.  I finally did get the glass all cleaned up and without further injury, but I was not happy with those kitties....nor with myself at that point.  Maybe I should've gone to the dog house...if we had one.

Had it not been Nick's bowling day, I'd have gone back to bed and just stayed!

And today, I still feel like I should have stayed in bed all day, just no get-up and go at all.  And still klutzy but no further injuries.

I changed the bandages this morning and the cuts have closed nicely.  I treated them with a little hydrogen peroxide before putting the bandages back on.  Thankfully neither were bleeding any more, and they don't hurt, but they do need to stay bandaged...ok, where's my kitchen gloves...

And the kitties?  Well, I guess they're out of the dog house, they're just to sweet and lovable and they kept me warm overnight, as they do every night be cuddling on my bed. 

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  1. Ouch!
    Glad your cuts are healing up well. Hope things are picking up by now.


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