Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yummy Bean Recipe

I discovered the Duggar family's website a couple days ago. You may know the name because they're the Christian family with 19 kids, and Michelle was expecting again but miscarried recently, and they have a tv show. She has some of their favorite recipes on their site and the one called Old Settlers' Baked Beans jumped out at me, so I tried this recipe yesterday. It was so good, I ate too much. And then I had the last small bowl of leftovers for lunch today. And I want to make some more...soon!

I didn't have all the specific ingredients, but I don't think my substitutions changed the flavor that much. In lieu of the Pork 'n Beans and the kidney beans, I used two cans of navy beans. And, because I know the P'nBs are already seasoned in a sauce, I didn't measure the other ingredients precisely and instead added a little extra of everything. Oh, and I remembered my mom would add molasses when she made baked beans when I was growing up so I checked my cupboard, and had just a little molasses left, maybe 1/3 cup, so added it. When I was making it, I cooked my bacon first, as I just don't like the texture of the fat on bacon so wanted to make sure it was more better done! and added the onions for a bit even before I added the ground beef.

This is definitely a keeper recipe. And so EASY. I remember having homemade baked beans quite often as a child, and always loved them but could never get them quite right even following my mom's directions. I think adding some finely diced red bell peppers, maybe a dash of vinegar or some smoke flavor could be some nice variables.

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