Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Had a Visit From Family !

Family doesn't visit me very often. I live a long way away. Like 900+ miles from my closest family. Well, actually there are some 2nd cousins an hour away but we've never been in the habit of getting together except at our reunions which are held every three years. This past week though, my middle brother (#4 child of my mother) stopped in for an overnight visit. His original plan was not to come this far south but mountainous weather issues forced him to take the 'safe', albeit longer, route so I got to visit with him briefly for the first time since early summer '10.

Then I got a message, lol, through one of the game chats (which I hadn't looked at in 3 days) at the social network saying my cousin, his wife, m-i-l & son were at the happiest place on earth, and would we like to have dinner with them on Friday. It took them about 2.5 hrs to get here once they left there, so it was truly brief. They spent maybe only 20 minutes at the house and then maybe an hour and a half out at dinner. We have a favorite Mexican food restaurant that's close so that's where we went. What a treat. MY home. And two family visits in one week! So awesome.


  1. I am so happy for you. It is great to have family visit at any time, but especially this time of the year.

  2. Oh yay, Lee! A twofer...*and* Mexican!! I'm nicely positioned halfway between my youngest sister and my folks and the older two of my younger sisters. So if anyone goes to visit one way or another, there's not excuse for not stopping to see me! Although with two weddings, a grandbaby and another on the way, visits here have been plentiful over the past three and a half years. :)


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