Monday, December 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I have been continuing to work on the project in this post, off and on: Magi Christmas Classic. It may become a center medallion in a quilt/wall hanging at some future date.

Aside from that, there's nothing 'new' on the design wall, well, not of a quilting nature anyway, lol (I'll place that as a separate post). I need to practice committing to this weekly post, which means I also need to commit to getting some quilting and piecing done each week. Especially since I committed to the 2012 UFO challenge. Between these two objectives, I hope to get a lot done in 2012 and have some real quilty images to show.'s a BIG word!


  1. Yesss, a big word indeed. I am right there with ya! I love incorporating embroidery with my quilting, and I also have committed to the 12 in 12 UFO challenge! Hope to see more of your beautiful work this coming new year.

  2. I am getting back to embroidery, mostly just simple back stitch, so I can't wait to see your piece in a quilt!


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