Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Turkish Delight

I've never had Turkish Delight before but in a store I was in today, they have some great ethnic foods, I thought I'd try. After all, wasn't it Edmond's favorite in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? There were so many different brands, with different flavors, and some with pistachios, and some with walnuts. Too many choices tax my brain, give me only a few and I can choose easily, give dozens and I'll stand there for 15 minutes trying to decide. Finally opted for "traditional Turkish Delight" and gladly hastened to open it when I got home. Oh my, yes it is delish. But I think I would buy a different flavor next time. The 'traditional' is flavored as, and strongly tastes of, roses! What you taste, is how roses smell, which can be almost overpoweringly perfumy. And they're coated with powdered sugar, or maybe it's cornstarch. The rose taste lasts a long time afterward too. It won't stop me from finishing the box, as I said, it IS delicious. I'm not sure Marty or Nick will like it though, in fact, I'm pretty sure they won't because it does seem perfumy on the taste buds. Have you ever tried this ... candy?


  1. LOL! Your description of it makes me laugh! I've not ever tried it (although being a C.S. Lewis fan, I'm definitely familiar with it). The rose part took be aback ... and will probably keep me from trying it. Although I may look up a recipe for it online and see what's what! :)

  2. Denise, what's really funny is after Marty came home from work, he did try it not knowing what it was but said it didn't taste like roses to him and Nick tried it this morning "so-so" but again he didn't think it tasted like roses. Isn't that weird? Or maybe I'm weird,lol. I know I have problems with fragrances, so maybe I sense the flavor more strongly than they do.


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