Monday, December 5, 2011

In The Garden

And around here 'garden' is said very loosely. We don't 'garden' other than a pot of volunteer tomatoes and Marty's all-but-two-years fruitless grape vines (and it's over 15 yrs old), and some bulbs that have never been dug up since being planting over 10 yrs ago...they haven't multiplied much. Here's a sampling from those bulbs, a pretty white, and oh-so-fragrant, narcissus paper white. It's the first to bloom for this season. It always surprises me that these bloom in December. I guess I just expect them to be a spring flower. I picked the first one and placed it in a small bud vase on the sill above my sink. All the little buds have opened now, there's about seven of them. And don't tell my mom that I haven't planted the bag of mixed bulbs she sent home with me that she dug up from hers that DO multiply. I think they're supposed to be in the ground by the end of October. Two years ago she sent some home with me after my summer trip to the north land and they didn't get potted up until January...and they still produced some pretty flowers: some light yellow slightly ruffly tulips, some miniature daffodils, and yellow hyacinths. Most didn't come back the second year...the squirrels seemed to like the young bulbs!

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  1. Oh how I adore paper whites -- and amaryllis, too! My mom was telling me today that she'd planted some last year at the beginning of December and they didn't bloom until well after the new year, so this year she planned them before they left for their Thanksgiving travels -- and they were blooming when they returned! Hyacinths are another favorite of mine -- they smell so fragrant! Enjoy your pretties!! :)


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