Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, it's Wednesday

So Marty left for work this morning as usual around 5:30. I get up about an hour later, take my shower and as I get dressed I hear doors closing downstairs; nope, it wasn't Nick up yet, so I hesitantly go down the stairs and all kinds of weird things are flying through my head, such as someone has broken in and needed the bathroom or was looking for drugs or something, or Marty lost his job, you know how it goes. He comes out, thankfully it was him, and he'd had to drive all the way home (about a 45 mile round trip) because he forgot his work laptop this morning. Then he had to drive all the way back to work in the height of rush hour traffic. Did I tell you that on Friday it took him three hours to get home? Two hours of that was on a single half-mile stretch between the office and the freeway...for no obvious reason...but there was no way to escape once you got stuck.

So I really will not complain about my morning and Nick's one, and only one, class for the day because of finals, and that I tried really, really hard not to lose my sanctification with traffic, stopping at the bank, the post office (remember the phrase about going postal?), nor the grocery store, nor that Nick decided he wanted to spend the afternoon with a friend that lives about 10 miles away. Instead, I'll just sigh really loudly and enjoy this:

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  1. A loud sigh and some Cherry Garcia? I think that's definitely fair!! *hugs*! :)


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