Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where have I been since Friday?

Here. Just puttering. Without much to say. It's like that sometimes. Saturday was busy with making a dessert for our annual church fellowship group's Christmas dinner. The meal is 'catered' by one of the classes members and volunteers and served buffet style. We had ham, roast beef, mac & cheese, mixed veg and salad. Desserts were 'pot luck' or 'divine providence'. Regardless of your preferred definition, they were sinfully delicious, and abundant, and hugely varied. The dessert I made was an Arabic cake, taught to me by a former co-worker back around 1980. Her husband was Arabic. The cake is called Harisi, and is made from butter, sugar, yogurt, and farina predominately. Before it's baked, it's cut into diamond shapes and a blanched almond half is pressed into each diamond. After it's baked, it's cut again along the same lines and a sugar, honey, water syrup is poured over it to soak in over an hour or so. It presented nicely, but for whatever reason, it seems only a few pieces were eaten and I have two foil pans remaining in my frig. Oh well.

Sunday was of course church, and I don't know that anything else was done. I worked some on the embroidery project I wrote about here. Monday was my PT appointment early afternoon, which cut into my day more than if it were earlier. In the evening I again worked on the embroidery project while I was waiting the arrival of my brother Eugene. He's been working at a huge oil refinery (he was a welder until he had an industrial accident, was retrained, and is now a QC inspector of welds) in Texas and was just laid off (but has no doubts he'll find work when he goes back) and was on his way to his son and dau-in-laws about 6 hours from here before heading on to the Pacific NW. It was a good time for him to take a couple weeks to travel. His girlfriend is there as her father just passed away. He got in around 8:30 last night and left shortly after noon today. Just a quick howdy ... that's kinda how my family is, lol, even after not seeing him in a year and a half! Originally he wasn't going to come this direction (this far south) but due to a winter storm putting snow in the mountains, he opted for the longer route. He didn't want to put money into snow tires or chains if he didn't need to, but I wonder what the extra cost in gas, and time, was. Regardless, I was glad to have a short time visit. We never know when those next times will be.

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