Friday, December 2, 2011

Quilt #010 UFO Dragonfly

Started 8 April 2003. I just love this dragonfly yellow, green and lavender fabric. Our guest room is yellow. This quilt is for our guest room. The theme in the room grew to become dragonflies (or is it damsel flies?) with green and lavender accents. It started with a mosaic plant stand that had a dragonfly on it. Other items were added over time.

The top is finished. I had trouble finding just the right lavender shades and wasn't overjoyed with the lightest one I used once it was altogether. I had begun with a different one and it was definitely NOT right, but I just couldn't find what I wanted at the time. I think it's too pale a lavender and because of the placement in the blocks, looks too wide overall. I think it might have been better in the place of the medium lavender.

The butterfly fabric is for the backing, and the binding is a dark yellow that I placed under the border to preview. It will be quilted with the variegated thread shown...hmmm, I wonder if there's enough on one spool that size? I may need to locate more. Does my inexperience show? I purchased a dragonfly plastic template that fits perfectly in the blocks for the quilting motif and beyond that...I haven't given it thought yet.

The pattern for this was found in The Quilter Magazine, Sept. 2002 under the design name of Country Charms. I altered the pattern by adding the narrow (1" finished) yellow inner border.

I will be including this quilt in the 2012 UFO WILL get finished; I am determined.

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