Friday, December 2, 2011

Fina-Lee Friday

Really? It's Friday again? Well, I'm just not ready for that! I really think God has sped up the passage of time because it seems everyday gets less and less accomplished...and don't think He couldn't make it appear that time was passing the same on all those scientific measuring devices...after all, He created the universe and all that is in it and beyond!

  • New kitty this week. See post of a couple days ago. She had her first vet visit yesterday. She's such a good little kitty. She sure has funny little eyes, slightly I hope no other Siamese traits appear. She's settling in nicely. Her favorite sleeping place: the half full paper grocery bag with fabric/thread trimmings - cozy and warm.
  • Nick discovered he can make a 'pie crust tongue'. Yeah, that's what I said, "Huh?" No need to Google, you won't find it. But he can roll his tongue, and at the same time make the tongue's side muscles pull in to where it looks like a 'pie crust' of sorts. It looks kinda weird, like really weird, so I won't post of photo of it. Nor will I say what an unregenerate relative inferred it looked like. He certainly was created remarkably unique.
  • I'm still inclined to post my traffic rants, but after 3 days of very dry, and very strong winds in our community and the surrounding areas, I can add a whole lot more to the list. Dry winds rank right up there with full moons when it comes to seemingly senseless things that drivers do...or don't do.
  • I was watching an episode of Family Feud the other day. One of the questions was "Which of the 10 commandments have you broken this month?" The top answer was ... ready?... ONE! Really? only one, in an entire month? I really suspect the the 100 people polled likely couldn't name the 10 commandments and maybe they only know one or two. I think more folks need to be opening their Bibles a little more often!
  • Hmmm, I think there are far too many projects on my desk: embroidery, quilting fabric-books-magazines, genealogy folders, recipe/menu folders...yep, need to do some de-cluttering.
  • Wrist physical therapy has done about as much good as it's going to do. One more appointment and then the appointment with the doctor for assessment. I could 'live' with the way it is now, but sure I hope this isn't as good as it's going to get. Certain movement will still warrant a small yelp.
  • Having golfed in my younger, healthier years, I think I can say I know how Tiger feels when that putt goes right to the edge of the cup....and stops...right - on - the - edge. You want a strong breeze or ground tremor to knock it over the lip. That one point in scoring can win or lose a game. Of course, his feelings take into account the fame and fortune of the game, or the loss thereof, where mine was just for self-satisfaction...I wasn't that great by any means but did enjoy it and the competition with my other lady friends.

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