Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get

Does that sound like a familiar refrain?  Frankly though, I don't know that I ever do much hurrying, I pretty much just poke along doing what I do.

So let's see, I'm behind on Sunday Stash Report.  I'll skip it this week since there's nothing in nor anything out. 

I'm behind on Design Wall Monday.  It's completely empty as I haven't worked on any project, so I'll skip that post this week too.

I'm behind on Get It Done 2013 for May, though technically today IS the first of May, so I have till midnight right? I'll add that as a separate post.

And last, I think, and certainly not least, I'm behind on my posting about my NewFO for April and linking up at Cat Patches.  I'm trying to think what I actually did in April.  It seems I was constantly busy with fabric, and I think what was mostly done was cutting up scraps into future projects aside from one finish :).  But I DID give one of those sets of pre-cuts a project number, which that and being kitted was as far as I got on it.  So, that qualifies it as a NewFO and here is April's NewFO project:  a 'duplication' of project #029 shown in my gallery  

Project #029 ~shown for affect~

My new project is #039 and the colors will be pretty similar as most of the logs are cut from the same scraps as the first one.  An entirely different gold is being used for the centers and stars, and a different blue is being used for the sashing and borders.  Can I just say I wish I had a lot more of the original blue, I really liked it for this project.  The photo doesn't really show it very well either.

Today I went to my quilting student's home for her lesson.  She is such a very creative young woman.  For her second quilt she found something online she liked as a basic idea and created her own blocks for a quilt for her young son.  The quilt has a space theme using primarily reds & blues, mostly starry and space fabric along with some plaids - she learned all about those plaid brushed cotton type fabrics that shift a lot.  For the back, she decided to piece it and in piecing it - completely her own design, ended up with a dilemma as she realized that she's going to lose some of the parts she pieced.  Her solution, after we discussed a number of options and possibilities, is to make two quilts since her son has two twin beds in his room, and just use a solid/solid-read fabric for the backs of each.  

I also showed her the basics today of straight line, stitch-in-the-ditch, and free-motion quilting, the latter of which I'm not proficient at and consider myself as a novice and she realizes that's going to take awhile to learn.  She has a little bit of another dilemma with then doing all straight lines, as four of the blocks in the original quilt are large squares featuring a cartoonish space ship - different in each block, and she doesn't want to quilt through the space ships.  The blocks need to have some manner of quilting in them.  She's considering hand-quilting around the ships and a few other objects within the block but she'll ask another person to show her how to do that as I've not hand-quilted, though I could probably teach her some basics from having seen it demonstrated frequently and via internet & book resources.  Time ran out, so we'll see where we are next week.  She already has fabric and a pattern for a third (or fourth given that one turned into two) quilt.  She's having a ball, and I am really enjoying working with her - we inspire each other and I am truly blessed to also grow in friendship with her and the children.  I knew her husband from a creation outings group I was involved in back in the '90s ... oooh, that sounds sooo long ago.

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  1. Great work. I love the little star in the center of your log cabins. Thanks for linking up!


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