Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Day Before Mother's Day

...and I am so Blessed! 

My son, with a little help from Marty, ordered these for me.

Shari's Berries chocolate covered strawberries.

The company recommends they be eaten within 48 hours, uh, they've been lucky to have lasted 48 minutes.  I offered both Nick and Marty one but they said "No, they're all yours."  But when I chose the first one, I offered them each a bite and they didn't refuse :)  Notice the size of these babies!  Yes, that's my cutting mat showing 1" squares and yes, these strawberries are easily 3" long!  And oh yum, do they ever taste good.

I was working on this quilt project, #039, all week and finished putting the borders on today.

Patriotic Stars, #039 (a duplication of #029) and I like this one as much if not better than #029!
After getting the borders done, I decided to come upstairs to my she-cave to play on the computer with some golf on the TV in the background, and suddenly Marty and Nick were both at my back with this beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I thought, what, more? and asked who these were from and Marty said "don't know, check the card" and they had been sent to me by my sweet 'baby' girl who lives 1200 miles from me.  Earlier I had also received a package from her that held a bag of homemade dry-mix roux for when I make gumbo along with a large home-made card made by her and my grandson.  Here are the beautiful, and wonderfully fragrant, flowers:

Raven likes my flowers too!
Hmmm, what's that on my design wall in the background....a future post, lol.

And tomorrow after church, we are going to go see a movie (probably Iron Man unless I can find something more to my liking, hehe) and have either a late lunch or very early dinner at a 50's-style diner where they serve the best onion rings in the world, which I'll order along with a salad and that'll be plenty. 

Yes indeed, I am Blessed.

I pray ALL the mom's and grandma's have a wonderful day tomorrow. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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