Saturday, May 25, 2013

Passing Time

As in, time is passing far too quickly!  So, what have I accomplished this week?  Not much!

I anxiously awaited my Sew Ezi portable sewing table that I ordered at last Saturday's quilt show.  I was expecting it to arrive Tuesday so was disappointed that it didn't, but I was tracking it so I knew for sure it would be here on Wednesday.

Sure enough, about 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday, this arrived:

Sew Ezi !
 After putting it together, this is what I have: 

It will be perfect for my itty bitty craft room, as well as for folding up and taking along to quilt camp in July and to any other quilt class or retreat I may enjoy in the future.  

I've folded it up and put it back in its zippered cover and it awaits me in the hallway.  I need to make space in this itty bitty room, but that's part of a much bigger project, that ongoing, years long project, so it may stay where it is until August, except for traveling with me in July.  I also gained a small desk from a neighbor at no cost which will be perfect along the wall in said craft room, part of my original plan which I'll have to write about at a later date.

Progress has been made on one of the two 'bricks' quilts (project #016).  I've attached both borders to it.  The inner border finished at 1/2" and the outer border will finish at 2 1/2".  

This is the bigger of the two quilts in this project, and the 'bricks' are vertical to the width of the quilt.  It measures 70" x 93 1/2" without binding.

I'm also fighting off a late-Spring cold.  That tell-tale feeling in the back of the throat followed by a scratchy sore throat now changing into a cough.  The sinuses aren't bad, and I am feeling better today than I did yesterday.  In fact, yesterday I probably napped for more hours than I was up and about and I still slept pretty well, though not comfortably.  I think a new mattress might be in order not too far down the road.  This one is at least 15 years old and was only a basic set.  It's not comfortable.

Nick graduates from 8th grade this Thursday night, and he has finals on Tues through Thurs.  Tuesday's finals are for two classes, and each of the other days are only a single class each day so I'll probably end up spending my time somewhere, somehow on the other side of town where his school is rather than drive home only to spend a half hour before having to go right back to pick him up, unless Jay's mom plans to bring him home.  I usually take the boys, and she brings them home.  He's been asking if he can go to the public high school rather than his private school.  It would certainly save a big chunk of change moolah, but the public schools here are not so great, and he'd go from having 50 in his grade level to over 500 with an entirely different value system which admittedly scares me.  The particular school he'd have to go to, also has a larger 'gang member' group.  We've already re-registered him at the private school, so I may stand my ground and leave him there at least through this new freshman year, and in the mean time really educate myself, and him, in what to expect and how to avoid the danger areas.  He's not a team sports kind of kid, so that's not his reason for wanting to switch.  I think it comes more from that his friend Jay will be going to a public high school, but he lives in a different area so it would not be the same high school.  Talking with Jay's mom though, even Jay is still waffling as to whether that's what he really wants to do.  The private school has been a bastion of love and blessings with teachers that really care individually for every child, they pray for them, they have close relationships with the parents, and the students are for the most part bonded and have been for those who've been there since kindergarten, as Nick has been.  Unfortunately, the private school does lose about 40% of its high-schoolers to the public schools because of the programs and sports that the public schools are able to offer.  It's a big decision, one requiring a lot of prayer.


  1. What a nice sewing table. You did a great job putting that together.

  2. I've seen those tables in action and their owners love them. Great buy! I'm sure you will love it. Great looking "brick" quilt. You are doing a fantastic job!

  3. Hello Lee, nice to meet you. I'm glad you enjoyed my light bulb rant! I fear this problem is universal.

    I'm not a quilter, but have an aunt who makes beautiful quilts all by hand. I've benefitted from her skill many times :)

    Hope you are over your cold now! x


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