Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Quilt Show

Today I slept in just a little, but not nearly enough given I've taken to staying up until near-midnight these last few nights.  And I'm feeling the sleep deprivation, but today, I had plans.  Fun plans.  My "Padawan" (as she calls herself) otherwise known as my friend and quilting student, Spice, and I had an adventure planned.

Spice had never been to a quilt show!  Yes, it's true, she's that much of a newbie to quilting, so we went to one.  And after the show, she is even more excited, and enthused, and encouraged.  And I might add, she is progressing wonderfully as a young quilter. 

The quilt show was in a lesser populated area than the past couple of shows I've been to, so it was not nearly as crowded, and there was plenty of space with how the quilts were arranged, so we spent lengthy amounts of time discussing the quilt blocks, layouts, fabric choices, and quilting done.  This was not only a big help and insight to her, but also helped me slow down and really focus on each quilt.  Usually when I go to a show alone, I pretty much breeze through the quilts and only spend a little more extended time on those that particularly grab my attention.

We were scolded gently by one show attendee for "touching" the quilt and pointed to the Thou Shalt Not Touch sign, however we were within the appropriate boundaries, and did not touch the quilt but rather the identifying paper which was folded in half and clipped to the edge of the quilt in order to view the back.  During the entire time, I only saw one, maybe two, white-gloved attendees, and they were well aware of our using the paper 'grips' to view the backs.

Following are the photos I took, some of the whole quilt, others only a portion.  

Yes, cats are important to quilters, necessary even.

One block with a charming house and embroidery/ribbon embellishments.  This was by the featured artist.

Another block of the same quilt; really like the willow trees ribbon work.

Another by the featured artist.


And another by the same artist.  Lovely kitty listening to the bluebird sing.

"Warning: Cloth Maps Are Not Intended For Compass Orientation"  I thought that to be very funny.

The maker's husband is a cartographer.

This is one called Love Knots from a Quilt In A Day pattern.  Lovely soothing pattern and colors.  Spice really liked this one so I'll have to look and see if it's one I have in any of my QIAD books.

What I liked about this one is the quilt line around the tree, it reminded me of a church window.

Who could resist these cute umbrellas?

This is Loveland Log Cabin, a Judy Martin pattern... How do I know?  Because I've also made one like this, but mine's not quilted yet, and mine's a scrappier pink version whereas this one seems to have only a handful of different pinks.  I'm encouraged that the maker of this won a ribbon :)  Maybe I'll work on getting mine done so that I can enter it in our guild's show in a year or two.  The ribbon is a Best of Class, Pieced -unreadable- (sorry, I didn't take specific notes).

And who can turn away from a nice patriotic quilt?  This one also won a ribbon in the Mixed Technique category.

It was fun to see which quilts, and colors, appealed to Spice.  We have similar tastes in some areas, but are also polar opposites in other areas. 

There were some very nice antique quilts there; always nice to see those.  One vendor had an antique quilt top she was using as a table covering and it had some pretty tiny pieces in it.  Very lovely.

I didn't walk away empty-handed this time.  More on that tomorrow for Stash Report Sunday.

After the quilt show, we had a mid-afternoon lunch, stopping at a BBQ place that I've only been to once before.  I brought home my leftovers as well as ordered a family platter to take home so that Nick and Marty could have dinner and so that I wouldn't have to figure out what to fix for dinner so late in the day.  It's sufficient food to feed us lunch tomorrow and dinner again tomorrow too.  I like that, and the food of course was oh so very good.  I was only disappointed when I got home to find out the waitress, or whomever filled the order in the kitchen, substituted the requested mashed potatoes for the wrong item - I requested the chunky fries be substituted and instead they subbed the coleslaw...booo, hisss, I was looking forward to more coleslaw! and not to reheated (tomorrow) chunky fries! :(  Even so, I  we will enjoy the rest, and maybe I can put those fries on a pan in the toaster oven to reheat and they might crisp up some.

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  1. How wonderful to go to a quilt show with a beginner, and so be able to see everything with a fresh eye!


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