Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Schmaturday

There's really been nothing going on the last couple of days.  

I want to thank all those who commented on my last couple of posts even though I didn't get back to you personally, getting a quilt finished was big for me, and though Fanner has been gone over a year now, it was a sad day for me remembering her birthday.

I have three days to start my April NewFO project.  And three days to decide what I want to add to Get It Done 2013 for May.  

My back's been bothering me again, only this time it's a nerve pain generating from mid-back, at bra-level and radiating to the left and around to my side.  Feels like how sciatic pain does but obviously it's not in the sciatic region. Seems after all the MRIs the "back doctors" only say nothing's bad enough for surgery (fine by me) and want to give cortisone injections - prescriptions haven't been of much help. Maybe other alternatives just aren't there. This growing 'old' stuff is definitely not for sissy's. Can't we just be healed the way they did in the Sci-Fi flicks? Wave a hand-held gadget over us for awhile and we're just like new.  I will have a new body one day, but until then, I live with it and grumble now and then.  Sitting at the computer has been aggravating it too.

Our temps have reached the 90+ range...not ready for those, but am so very thankful for shorts, bare feet, and A/C.  How on earth did I live without the latter for so long? I lived here for a couple decades before even having A/C in my cars!

Back to watching Doctor Who. 

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  1. Glad for shorts, sunshine and A/C. Like one of my pastors used to say, "Never be ashamed of your heavenward glances!"



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