Friday, May 17, 2013

Culling and Tossing

This isn't what I'd planned to do today.  Well, ok, I hadn't planned anything which is par for the course.  What did I do?  I pulled out what remained of my old quilt magazines, some as far back as 2000 or so.  I had a little less than three of those magazine sleeves remaining from my last purge.  At first, all I was doing was looking through them to see if anything I had marked previously would jump out at me for my next project(s), a handful strolled, but didn't jump, so I set those magazines aside and put a sleeve and a half's worth back on the shelf for another time.  But the other sleeve, I had been watching a recorded episode of Hoarders, so you know what I'm going to say....I looked through those magazines and ruthlessly tossed carefully removed the projects I might some day decide to do along with some tips and techniques I may some day try.  What remained went into the paper recycling bag.  Now, if I could do that to a lot of other clutter hot spots throughout the house!

Tomorrow, my quilting Padawan, and I will be headed off to a quilt show about an hour's drive from here.  I've gassed up the car, and I tried bribing offered Nick some cold hard cash to wash the outside of the car, but he told me he didn't have anything he needed money for, so I expect I'll be driving a dirty car unless he changes his mind, and daylight is rapidly fading so probably he won't be changing his mind.  I think the boy has it too easy, maybe a 'do it or else' is in order?  Hah! as if : /

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