Thursday, May 9, 2013

Only Thursday

I have had the hardest time today keeping track that it is Thursday and not Friday.  I have no clue as to why it seems today should be Friday, but it does.  I'll just have to remember that I can't sleep in tomorrow...Nick needs a ride to school, and I'm the driver.

I went to quilt guild tonight, only the second time this year, so that's two out of five meetings.  That's actually better than last year.  Tonight's agenda was the presentation 'in person advertisement' of a new (well, 15 mo. ago new) quilt shop in a valley not terribly distant from where I live, maybe a 45 minute drive in really good traffic.  The co-owners and two of their crew were there with a lot of goodies from their store which they had laid out on tables to sell, a quilt-store brought to us, you could say.  I purchased two fat quarters...remember, I'm trying to save my money for Sisters this summer.

In other news, I'll be making more hummingbird nectar tomorrow.  In addition to the hummers frequenting the feeder, we seem to have regular diners in the form of a) a male finch, b) a female hooded oriole, and c) a ladderback woodpecker.  I've known the orioles and tanagers will visit the feeder from past experience, but who knew the finch and especially the woodpecker would belly up to the bar?  Surprised me.  I attempted to get pictures as the feeder hangs under our patio roof in direct sight from my kitchen window, but between the flash bouncing off the window, and, ahem, the dirt and whatnot on both sides of the window, the shot doesn't show much more than a bird shape and the glint of an eyeball!

I think I'll be washing that window tomorrow.  Oh, and directly above the feeder on the beam, is a finch nest where mama finch has been sitting for awhile and based on her actions, the babies are either hatched or will be very soon.  I have mixed feelings as all too often the nests that get built there are raided by the scrub jays we have, and I've even seen crows come in and try to get to the nests.  It's always a joy though when the babies reach maturity and are able to fly away.  I love when their little heads peak out above the edge of the nest and when mama feeds them.  

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