Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home !! and Sewing Room Status

Nick and I made it home at 9:20 p.m. Monday after 14.5 hours on the road.  When we got to our exit, it was closed!  That was a bummer because the next off-ramp isn't for many miles and I had to really think as to what would be the best way to go and after 14 hours of highway time, my brain wasn't thinking, so I think I probably took a slightly longer route than needed, but had I taken the shorter route, there was the likelihood that an additional detour would have been needed.  It would have been really nice had they used one of those movable, lit-up highway signs giving warning that the exit was closed...especially since the next off-ramp was so far away.  Despite this last minute irritating inconvenience, I am thankful we had an otherwise safe and uneventful trip from 7/3 through 7/29.

The last couple of days have been spent doing laundry and home clean-up.  I have this weird OCD need to re-wash every piece of clothing from our suitcases even if the item is clean.  I think it goes back to my camping/backpacking days because things just get dusty during traveling.  And when the hubs batches it for 26 days, well, his idea of clean and mine are completely different, so the kitchen got a pretty good cleaning as did one bathroom so far.  

There's still lots to do as Marty was working on that sewing room of mine.  He scraped off the ceiling texture, replaced drywall on the ceiling; he removed drywall on the two exterior walls and added fiberglass insulation and re-applied drywall; he also sprayed the ceiling for a knock-down texture effect and a light spray on the walls.  All of this generated a ton of dust throughout the house as he didn't (seemingly so) put up a plastic barrier at the door.

The stash closet; notice the dust that filtered in - I will have to vacuum with the hose attachment to get the dust out of here, there's way too much fabric in there to rewash it all.

The re-sprayed ceiling.  As a novice, Marty did a fairly good job, but this picture doesn't show the flaws that are very obvious after dark using just the ceiling needs to be remedied so Marty will talk with a construction neighbor to see what can be done.  He gets an "A" for his willing attempt.

This is the wall that normally is my design wall.

This is one of the the two walls where the drywall was replaced after installing insulation.  Window is still taped.

This is the other exterior wall.  Cabinets and a small desk will cover this wall.

And the fourth wall showing the entry doorway and the stash closet door.  I had asked that he tape plastic to the closet doorway before closing it and doing all the work.  I guess he missed that request ;/

The flooring that was under the carpet, and after all the ceiling and wall spraying which splotched it all over.  I had suggested we just clean it well, paint and seal over the paint and I'd be happy, and at such time we sell, we could re-carpet it.

A closeup of one of the 1966 era tiles, they only measure about 9"x 9".  Not bad really, neutral coloration with a bit of striation.  I'd have even been happy with that with just a good sealant / varnish? over it.

This why Marty nixed my idea, there were a number of these spots where the tiles had broken up, so his plan is to remove all the tiles, waiting until all the ceiling and wall issues are done including painting because he doesn't want any of that stuff on the bare wood beneath the tile.  I don't see what difference it would make, it'll be covered with whatever new flooring we choose. 

As you can see, there's still a lot to do and it's likely going to take weeks or months.  In part because there isn't much I can do until the ceiling issue is resolved, I could then paint the ceiling and walls after dusting them. Then I need to decide what to put on the floor.  I don't want ceramic or clay tile, and I don't want carpet.  We may go with just a linoleum and use some throw rugs if needed.  The room is only 9.5 x 10.  What would you put on your floors?  I'm patiently (?) awaiting the finish of this room, not only for quilting, but for genealogy too, and to just get things organized and back into the room that are now taking up space elsewhere throughout the upstairs.

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