Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hard at Work

Since we had the quilt room ceiling re-shot with knockdown, which looks great I might add, Marty has been busy with calking the joint where the ceiling and wall come together.  It gives it a nice finish. He then primed and painted the ceiling and primed the walls.  Today he's busy painting the walls.  It's a color I chose and purchased the first gallon of back in 2008, and with which I used to paint the stash closet a couple years ago.  Surprisingly it's supposed to be a gray shade, but it clearly has a sage or tan hue to it depending on how the light hits it.

While I am most grateful for his hard work, I'm a little disappointed at the same time.  My plan, back when it was my plan was that once the ceiling issue had been taken care of, and the walls insulated and re-boarded, it would be me doing the painting of the walls while he was at work.  I enjoy painting.  But, I'll let him work, while I do other chores around the house.  It gives him something to do since he hasn't any job prospects yet, and provides that much more work for me in cleaning up after him.  I asked him today to not use the year old, somewhat expensive bathroom sinks, counters and faucets for washing up the paint brushes, rollers etc.  I just cringe seeing paint on those nice things and can only imagine what's going on in the drains when that stuff goes down it.  It's water-base, yet even so, it just isn't good to have it going down the drains and into the sewer and its processes down the line.

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