Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On Tap For Today

Nope, no beer here ;p

Today's the second day of school for Nick.  When I picked him up yesterday I asked how it went, his reply "I don't want to be here." groan.  Though an excellent student, he has never 'enjoyed' going to school.  Sorry kid, it's one of life's necessities.

The guy who will be fixing Marty's attempt at spraying the ceiling and then doing the 'knockdown' will be here soon, so finally some progress on the quilt room - there's been none since Marty worked on it in July while I was on vacation.  The guy said it'd take 5 - 6 hours...he has to sand down some of what Marty had done before he can respray and then do the knockdown troweling.  I had Marty tape plastic within the door frame of the stash closet to 'hopefully' keep the dust out of my fabric because it would have been very difficult to empty the closet.

At 12:30 I have a dentist appointment, and have to have an old filling drilled and refilled due to a thin spot in the old filling that's developed a cavity.  Oh joy, I still have issues with dentists thanks to the one that left a piece of her drill so far down in the root during a root canal, that it had to be entombed - even a specialist couldn't retrieve it.  I lost count of the hours of sitting in the dentist chair with my mouth propped open and the amounts of numbing agents used.  PTSD anyone?  I like my new dentist very much, but still don't like even having them cleaned any more.

If there's time, I'll swing in at my Padawan's (my quilt student) to see how she's doing, even if only for a few minutes to chat.  I've missed meeting with her.  It's been since April or May due to various things.

And by then it'll be time to pick Nick up at school - these days are going to pass in a flash.  Due to Marty's layoff, and being home 24/7, I rather enjoy my alone-time outings of sorts.  But at home, there's also paperwork I need to gather and submit by the end of 90 days from his termination (since I handle all that type of thing), so now within the next 76 days it needs to get done.  Nothing promising on the employment scene yet, but remaining hopeful, and trusting the Lord.

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