Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All I Want To Do, Is Dre-e-eammm

But then again, maybe not.

I awoke this morning out of yet another odd dream.  I don't always remember if I've dreamed or not, and when I do it's often those dreams generated by the reality that it's close to time to wake up and head to the nearest bathroom because, in the dream, I'll be looking for a bathroom and should I find one, it's usually inoperable or unavailable for some really odd, and strange reason.  This morning's dream, however, was a bit different, and I'm sure it has to do with Marty's current state of unemployment.

In this dream, my aunt, yes, the favorite Aunt Irene in the wet land, she and I were looking for work.  Not just any work mind you, but work in a corn field.  And, much like one sees depicted in photos from the 1930's depression of men waiting in long lines for a job, we too were in a long line to sign up to be able to work that day at this farm.  At some point, we were separated as we respectively approached different helpers to sign up; similar to tellers at a bank window.  My aunt got processed and I lost track of where she was, all the while I was trying to find, even with 'my' helper, the 1/4 sheet of paper on which was the form to sign up.  We could not find one, and she left her desk and I rummaged her desk to no avail, then went to where she was standing at another counter and asked again for the form to which she replied "Do you have a kitchen entity?" huh? "As in am I able to work in the kitchen?"  And then my alarm went off.  I never found my aunt again, never filled out the form, and don't know what I'd be doing in the kitchen. 

Ah well, just a dream that maybe includes the fear that I will have to look for work, even part-time, where I've been out of the paid with real money work force now for 15 years...yes, scary thought.  I'm sure my skills are near archaic for today's modern offices.  Not to mention being this grand old age of 60!  Well, it hasn't come to that yet, so I will continue trusting the Lord will provide Marty the right job, at the right time, at the right pay, at the right place in His time.

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