Sunday, August 4, 2013

July NewFO

One last Sunday post and I'm somewhat caught up on my necessary posts, those where I link up to other sites.  This one is linking up to Cat Patches for the NewFO Challenge.

As I went to quilt camp in July, I was able to get sewing on more than one NewFO.  I'm not giving consideration that I actually cut the fabrics in June.  That was rather necessary given that I was leaving for the wet land on 3 July and quilt camp started on the 10th, and that I'd be taking all my sewing gear as well as suitcases and other paraphernalia needed by myself and Nick, all in one little ol' vehicle.  

Before I show my projects, I have to tell about something I found funny.  I was being very stringent with the amount of stuff I wanted to take to camp: sewing machine, SewEzi table, folding cart, 2 project bins (9x14x7), a bin of supplies, laptop, personal clothing, etc.  The day arrived to go to my aunt's and pick her up, I walked into the house, saw her pile of stuff which was quite substantial I thought until she showed me even more stuff that was going with us.  I think she recognized my surprise at the amount of 'stuff' because she said I would be even more amazed at the amount of stuff some of the others bring!  It was truly a learning experience.  My stuff was sufficient, perhaps more than sufficient!  But all of the stuff filled my Highlander to the gills leaving very little room to see through the rear-view mirror, and that with the seats folded down!

Now to July's NewFO projects:

Bow Tie blocks.  I started these as leaders / enders but am excited about them and will likely do them more quickly.  

These are the current remaining "T" sets from my main project: Tesselating Ts.  As I only need 13 more sets to finish the last row, I apparently over-planned or maybe thought I'd make it bigger, or make two...I really don't remember my original plan, but ended up following the pattern.
These will at some point become a third quilt.  These are the bonus half-square triangle squares made from the intersecting light/dark "Ts" that otherwise would have gone to the trash bin.  As you can see, once trimmed, I can easily get a 1 3/4" square from each piece set...and they're already sewn on that bias, and that's the best part!

And at last, the main July NewFO project.  Since I don't have my regular design wall, these are taped to my dining room wall.  Some of the rows may be switched around, and four rows were sewn together at camp for benefit of show & share, one of which I've already removed and I'm thinking I'll separate the other three in order to get a better placement.  It still needs one more row to have all required rows done.


  1. Wow! You got a lot done on this! Nice work!

  2. I'm not sure if I have asked you before, but do you generally use a machine or make the quilts by hand? My aunt is a hand quilter and she belongs to a group who do the work entirely by hand. I think for her the joy is in the doing of it, but she has made many very beautiful quilts. BTW I love the designs you showed in the last few posts, particularly the marvellous horse ones!

  3. I need to make a "T" quilt for my daughter whose name begins with it. May have to make her and her husband an "H" one. Probably won't do both.


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