Thursday, August 8, 2013

Prayer Request

It was bound to happen, we've been living on borrowed time.

God's timing is just that, HIS timing, and not our own.

We've held on remarkably well in this economy, and with the sale of the company Marty has worked for for over 10 years (to a company from India about a year and a half ago), but the day has finally come.  Around 10:30 this morning, I hear an unusual rustling of the garage door for the time of day and the closing of a car door, and Marty walks in and says that it's finally happened.  He's survived numerous layoff rounds over the years, but today was the day the Lord planned to shake up our world of comfort and put us into the category of the unemployed.

What the plans hold for the future, we do not yet know.  Though it's been a bit of 'day-by-day' for a couple years, we really didn't hold our breath about that day waiting for it to happen.  I think Marty's still in a bit of a haze and doesn't know what to think about it yet.  Me, the reality sets in very quickly.  I've lived on a shoe-string before, in fact, many times before, so my mind immediately goes into the thoughts about what can be cut back, how soon should we cut back, how does this impact keeping Nick in private school, about relocating (something we've desired to do but not put in place), and a million other things which include the 'what ifs'. What if Marty can't find a job before funds from lay-off pay out and unemployment run out (he's almost 59), and what if we have to dig into our savings, and what if we DO have to move, even out of state to accommodate a new position, and what if that doesn't pay equally, or what if any one of us gets really ill.  So many things racing through my mind, yet believing God is not caught unaware, and has ALL things under control.

As yet, we haven't told any family, and little family knows of my blog, let alone visits it, so I feel reasonably safe in voicing this here.  We will of course be letting family know fairly soon.

I know many of my blog-friends pray, and those prayers would be coveted.


  1. You definitely have prayers from Texas. You remind me of my daughter with the "what if's" It always helps her feel more prepared if she tries to cover all the bases mentally, but me it would drive me over the edge. I would just relax for a week and then start sorting it out.

  2. Lifting your family in prayer. I always find comfort in Jeremiah 29:11.

  3. You will have my prayers. I have had to go through the lay-off thing several times over the years. Just hang in there. The Lord has a plan for you.

  4. So thing you feared has actually come upon you! You have many "what ifs" but now you must take a breath before you make plans. The Lord is in control. You certainly have my prayers x


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